For one and all


Stadium4Cornwall Group

A small group of likeminded souls came together in 2009 and formed a campaign group to help achieve a stadium here in Cornwall for everyone. In the Cornish language, Sportva Kernow.

These people included a core group, Peter Marks, Bill Rees, Margaret Lyon and Rod, Lyon. After a short time they were joined by Chris Davison and Reg Davison. The wider group included Robin Taylor, David Meggs, David Martin, Rudi Grenfell and a number of others. The driving force of these people was a passion to see a Stadium for Cornwall achieved.

The S4C Group assisted the developer, Rob Saltmarsh of Inox Developers, Exeter, who provided the plans for a multi purpose stadium for the community of Cornwall and donated the land upon which it was to be built.

The original aim was to obtain planning permission for the stadium and for Inox to fund the build cost through their investors. Commercial enterprise would buy into the Inox development and as part of this put a sum of money sufficient to cover the cost of stadium construction.

The Stadium Partners were the Truro & Penwith College and the Cornish Pirates Rugby. At various times in its history other interested parties included the NHS, the Cornwall Council, Truro City FC, however the College and the Cornish Pirates were the two commercial bodies driving the project with Inox.

There were many ups and downs in the process but eventually planning permission was achieved.


By this time the worldwide financial collapse intervened and the funding disappeared. Dicky Evans of the Cornish Pirates and Martin Tucker of the Truro & Penwith College stepped forward to complete the project.

The S4C Group had undertaken much lobbying of business and the Council, in the process obtaining 25,000 signatures on a petition supporting the stadium planning application.

One initiative was to set a schools competition to design the stadium.

The Cornwall Stadium Design Project

Penpol School, Hayle – Winners of Schools’ Stadium for Cornwall Competition

We were thrilled to be asked to take part in the Cornwall Stadium design project and it has certainly fired the imagination of many of our children. We decided to offer the project as a voluntary competition, making our computer facilities available at lunchtimes and after school over a two-week period.

Most of the children that entered decided to use a sophisticated computer design programme, usually used by much older students. They had used this software before to design Tudor buildings and space stations and it was a good choice for this project. Many of the children also worked on their designs at home.

In the end we were able to send off 60 entries and the children invited their parents in to see their fantastic designs. All of them could show their stadiums from an external view and then take their parents on a virtual walk through to see the facilities.

We would like to thank the organisers for involving our school and I know that the judges will be amazed to see the creativity, innovation and high quality produced by children at primary school.

Of course, now that you have fired up everyone’s imagination you need to get on and build it!

Paul Hodson


Penpol School

The Great Cornwall Stadium

When we heard about the competition to design the new Cornwall Stadium in Truro we were very, very excited! We immediately set to work thinking and designing ideas for the stadium. We worked for over twelve hours at the weekend using a computer design programme. We started with the overall shape of the stadium working from the bottom upwards putting the football pitch and running track in place.

One of the best features of our stadium is the giant television at the entrance. This is a good idea because spectators can see what’s going on while they wait anxiously to get in. Another amazing feature is a pool beneath a retractable roof. Of course, this will be an Olympic size pool for major events.

We also planned restaurants so that families could spend the day there with a private restaurant for players so that they can get together and discuss the match after the game. The referees and line judges can join in too and the managers!

The inside hall could be used for events like athletics, fencing and basketball. In fact, loads of sports can take place there.

The main events will obviously take place in the main arena and this includes music concerts. The roof will have special places for fireworks that are set off at the end of the performances.

It’s a great idea to have a Cornwall Stadium and Truro is a good place to build it because it is in the middle of the county and most people can get to Truro either in cars or better still by using public transport. We were hoping that there would be a little train station and bus depot at the stadium linked to Truro.

In order to keep it green, we would like to see hundreds of solar panels on the roof and we would encourage people to share car journeys or use trains or buses. Of course, recycled materials would be used in the building and we would have recycling bins all over the place! The restaurants built near the car parks and in the stadium would encourage healthy eating with unlimited free salad and kids eating for free.

Come on Cornwall – build our stadium!

By Megan, Harry and Scott

If the stadium could see

There it sits, the great Cornwall Stadium,
A slumbering giant looking up at the sky.

If it could see then what would it see…

Happy families eager and waiting,
Joyful children, eyes clear and wide,
Whistle blowing referees, linesmen waving,
Dreaming, cheering for your side.

Strikers, defenders tackles flying,
Corners, penalties, “He’s offside!”
Crowd all singing, ears all ringing,
Groaning, moaning as players collide.

Pirate’s players swerving, diving,
Biceps, triceps, muscular thighs.
Leaping, catching, calling, falling,
Sprinting, roaring, scoring tries.

Rock stars playing, huge crowds swaying,
Music blaring, screaming loud.
Drummers drumming, guitarists strumming,
Banners waving in the crowd.

Gymnasts vaulting, fencers thrusting,
Athletes running side-by-side.
Cyclists sweating, swimmers diving,
Spectators rushing to get inside.

Skies are darkening, folk start leaving,
Heading home with merry smiles.
Recalling stories and magic moments,
Recounting memories over the miles.
The giant watches as the people head home with happy hearts…

By Katie, Nina and Kate